Mick Jagger shares his thoughts on his creative relationship with David Bowie in Rolling Stone magazines upcoming Bowie tribute issue.

Jagger was a longtime friend of Bowie and gives insight into their open approach to  sharing music and creative ideas.

“He would come around my house and play me all his music,” says the Stones frontman. “I remember him playing me different mixes of Jean Genie, which was really kind of Stones-y, in a way. That’s what I enjoyed: watching him develop as an artist… I didn’t mind sharing things with him, because he would share so much with me — it was a two-way street.”


Jagger declares the 1983 single Let’s Dance as his favorite Bowie track. He remembers how strongly New York City’s dance club scene influenced the duo at the time of its release. “He had a chameleon-like ability to take on any genre, always with a unique take, musically and lyrically,” he says.

Bowie and Jagger lost touch sometime around 2004, when Bowie stopped touring due to health issues.

“It’s really sad when somebody leaves and you haven’t spoken to them for a long while. You wish you’d done this; you wish you’d done that. But that’s what happens. Strange things happen in life,” says Jagger.

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