The new song by Adele has been hard to ignore. I’ve played it on The Q! Afternoon Show several times and ask for thoughts on “Hello”; do you want to hear the song more; less; or never again.

Feel free to weigh-in. We appreciate your music feedback on this one or any music The Q! plays or should play more often. Drop me email:




  1. Sorry ,I got to tell you if this is the musical direction the Q is leaning to I for one will be definitely be tuning to a different dial on my radio. There are enough “pop” stations around here that can play this melodramatic, no rythym kind of music. Just my 2 cents worth. But I know that your advertisers and bosses don’t really care what the average Joe says and will probably play it anyways. Cheers

    • Actually, we feel that the opinions of Joe and Jane Average are well worth paying attention to. After all, they’re the people who have made The Q a success for decades. That’s a big part of the reason we didn’t immediately jump all over the album, even though it’s the biggest and fastest selling album in history. We appreciate your input. -Scøtt

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