Who would be your dream golf partner? The Q! presents Monday Men’s Night at Olympic View Golf Club. Email ryan@theq.fm the name of your dream golf partner. You could win a round of golf for two at Olympic View Golf Club.

The above photo has Q! listener Yari Nielsen of Langford (second from right). You might recognize Dan Aykroyd (far right) and Bill Murray (second from left) in Sooke, 1985. 

Yari shares the full story in his email:

My dream golf partner is Bill Murray. I met him at my house in Sooke when I was 10, right after Ghostbusters came out. Now that he’s become a legendary Pro/Am golfer I’d love to play a round and talk about the time I met him in 1985. He and Dan Aykroyd partied with my mom and her friend. That’s me with the Ghostbusters record in my lap.

My Mom and her friend were having lunch at the 17 Mile Pub. There was a guy at the bar, and they thought, “it’s got to be hard going through life looking like Bill Murray.” Just then, Dan Aykroyd comes out of the bathroom. They get talking and it turns out Bill and Dan are in town scouting for a movie. My Mom’s friend says, “let’s go back to Jeanne’s place!”. We had a place on the river in Sooke. Being 1985 and young, they all went back to my Mom’s house and hung out.

When I got out of school, my Mom came and picked me up. She told me there are some people at the house that want to meet you. “What’s your favourite movie, Yari?”, my Mom asked. Well, Ghostbusters of course. And there they were; Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd at my house in Sooke.

This experience has got to be worth a couple of golf passes, no?

-Yari Nielsen


Yari includes another photo (above) in his email. That’s him with Dan Aykroyd at Liquor Planet in Langford, March 15, 2014. Yari met Aykroyd nearly 29 years later and shows him the original photo of their visit to his house in Sooke back in 1985.

Thanks for the great story, Yari. Have a great game of golf at Olympic View. ~Ryan







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