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Bad Company are finally stepping up with their first official live album:  Bad Company Live In Concert 1977 & 1979 is coming in a couple of weeks.  Paul Rodgers spoke to Billboard hacks about that, and the band’s One Hell Of A Night tour which will feature Joe Walsh as a co-headliner.

The two disc live album features the original Bad Company lineup, and includes shows captured in Houston and London — plus, according to the Amazon preorder track listing, a 1979 gig in Washington DC.

Rodgers says he wouldn’t have assembled this package himself, and was skeptical about it when he heard about Rhino Records‘ plans for it.  “But when I listened, I was quite surprised,” he said.  “There’s a couple of things on there, like Leaving You, which I didn’t even know we’d actually played live, ever.  And it’s got a great feel, better than on the record.  There’s some things that have turned up that have actually surprised all of us, and I thought, ‘Well, if it’s interesting to me, perhaps it’s interesting to the fans.'”

When the band get on the highway soon, Black Crowes axeman Rich Robinson will be standing in for Mick Ralphs.  “We’d announced the tour and Mick looked at it and went, ‘I can’t do this,’ which was not great news at all,”  Rodgers said.  “I wanted to slightly berate him, ‘What the heck,’ but he sounded so sad.  He really wasn’t up to it.”

Rodgers hooked up with Robinson in Seattle at an Experience Music Project Jimmy Page tribute.  “I think he’ll give a shot of new energy into the band, and I’m looking forward to getting together with everybody and doing that,” Rodgers said.  “I think it’s important we give value here.”

Bad Company Live In Concert 1977 & 1979 will hit record emporia Friday April 29.  The 25 date One Hell Of A Night tour with Walsh launches Thursday May 12 in Dallas Texas and finishes Sunday July 03 in Nashville Tennessee.

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