Comedian Gary Shandling’s A-List memorial on Sunday April 24 reads like the ultimate Hollywood comedy gig. Shandling passed away suddenly from a heart attack on March 24 at the age of 66.

Garry Shandling’s star-studded memorial service was held at L.A.’s Wilshire Ebell Theatre. Get this for a list of friends, peers and admirers who turned out to pay their respects to the late comedian; Warren Beatty, Billy Crystal, Norman Lear, Conan O’Brien, Albert Brooks, Rob Reiner, Tom Petty, Ray Romano, Jon Favreau, Peter Farrelly, Henry Winkler, Tim Allen, Vince Vaughn, Michael Richards, Cheryl Hines, Jeremy Piven, Eric Idle, Pauly Shore, Carrot Top and Jeffrey Tambor.

A buddhist monk, cloaked in a traditional brown robe and traditional shaved head, walked to the stage more than halfway through the three-hour event and praised Shandling, a longtime buddhist, for his dedication and service to a monastery outside San Diego.

Judd Apatow hosted and produced the event. Garry Shandling was something of a mentor to Apatow early in his career.

Read more about the Shandling memorial and a music cameo from Johnny Depp via The Hollywood Reporter.



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