Qualifying for The Q!’s $10,000 Potluck Prize Party starts Monday April 4th with Ed Bain & The Q! Morning Show. You need to put up a prize to get an invite to the party for a chance at the grand prize of $10,000 and the last prize on the table.

Exactly what sort of item should you be looking for around your house to get an invitation to the party?

Theory #1: the better and more useful the prize, the more likely you’ll be picked to get into our party. Theory #2: the quirkier the item, the better chance you have of standing out from the other contestants. Remember, you’ll be on the phone to The Q! (7:40am, 11:30am, 4:30pm) with two other listeners pitching their item. You’ve got to stand out.

Here’s some free items posted recently on UsedVictoria. They may not be flashy, but proof a Potluck item might be under your nose, for free.

image3(1)Eye catching red. Probably worn only once unless the graduate failed final exams and had to repeat Grade 13.

image3(2)“Good working condition” is important. Does it come with a manual? Was this pump used for multiple babies or dedicated to just one hungry mouth?

phonto(1)This looks like a winner to me. No room in a spare room or basement? Ditch the kitchen table and bring make room for air hockey 24/7!

image3This organ has Bossa Nova written all over it. Original price tag in 1976 was $1200. Today, it’s absolutely free if you can arrange to pick up.

image1(3)Yes, the current owner of this pile of dirt is flexible; he’s load your truck or deliver. He’s just got to get rid of this extra dirt. Is there a grave to go with this dirt? Just wondering.

image1(2)No word if the owner of this dirt will load your truck or deliver. I assume blue tarp in not included because that would be an extra feature to include in the free ad.

image2(1)This would be a risky prize to attempt to qualify for The Q!’s Potluck Prize Party. Do you seriously want to bring a toilet to the party? Do you think another listener would be thrilled to ride the bus home from the party with a used toilet?

image1(1)This photo reminds me of a game of Musical Chairs. Or an AA meeting. These chairs look very lonely snapped on an empty gravel road. Give them a good home, please.

image1Calling all amateur filmmakers. Good luck finding film for this camera. But it looks cool and you’ll look very hip next to an iPhone user filming the kid’s next birthday party.

image2(3)The current owner of this umbrella really needs to learn the Art of The Sell. Come on, man, hose down that fugly umbrella with the garden hose. Then the ad would read, “FREE: slightly used umbrella” and voila, success.

FullSizeRenderHere’s a perfect example the Potluck prize could be right in front of your face. Every cat owner has one of these. Kitty’s scratching post sits unused in the living room while she tears up your sofa couch.


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