The DeLorean Motor Company is reportedly aiming to build about 300 replicas of its 1982 DMC-12, the model featured in the Back to the Future films, in its factory in Humble, Texas.

Here’s what the car manufacturer recently posted on their official Facebook page:

deLoreanThe DeLorean could soon be going back into production due to a new law that exempts small volume car manufacturers from the safety requirements applied to most new car makers. The law only applies to replica vehicles, cars that resemble the body of another vehicle produced at least 25 years ago.

In 2007, about 6,500 DeLorean Motor cars were believed still to exist.
In 2007, about 6,500 DeLorean Motor cars were believed still to exist.

The DeLorean Motor Company acquired what was left of the original manufacturer, nearly 30 years ago. The company has been focusing on repairing and restoring all the DeLorean vehicles that are scattered around the world. With this specialty legislation, the company could use its millions of factory parts (and some that have been recreated from the original blueprints) to build new, 2017 model year DeLoreans.

No word on what the price tag would be for a brand new DeLorean. Would you buy one if the price was right? Leave a comment below.


  1. Ya..It was a VERY cool car at the time…I’d still take a FORD Pantera anyday….or heck..even a replica Shelby Mustang…Cheers…Kevan-Jay Stevens.

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