David Bowie in OMIKRON: The Nomad Soul released in 1999.

Here’s something to do this weekend while you’re listening to The Q!’s Legends of Rock Tribute to David Bowie; play a Bowie inspired video game from 1999.

Billboard magazine points us Bowie and retro gaming fans in the direction of a video game he contributed music, Quantic Dream’s OMIKRON: The Nomad Soul.

2GVGPAYDestore_omikron_giveaway_banner_1140x335_r2_1140_KRBowie composed music for the game and portrays a techno renegade in the adventure video game. Its available for free download (using a coupon code) on PC only, until Jan. 22.

David’s wife, Iman, also appears in the 1999 game.

Here’s the link for OMIKRON: The Nomad Soul posted via Square Enix online store Twitter account @SquareEnix




  1. When I went to the website indicated above and entered the promo code provided the Shopping Cart indicated that there was a $9.99 shipping fee. Perhaps I missed something but I would not call this “for free download”.

    • I looked at the promo code provided and understood that’s the discount from the usual $9.99 price. I could be wrong.

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