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And then there was one.

For many years, AC/DC have had a knack for being consistent.  When Bon Scott suddenly passed away, for example, they went out and hired someone who sounded almost exactly like him.  But it seems that things are continuing to unravel in ThunderFromDownUnderVille — bassist Cliff Williams is the latest to exit stage left.

The band have been in an almost constant state of upheaval over the past while, and one has to give them credit for soldiering on when many others would have chucked the whole thing into the dustbin long ago.  Guitarist Malcolm Young was the first casualty, as he fell victim to dementia and ended up in a nursing home.  Drummer Phil Rudd had a high profile run-in with authorities which resulted in his arrest for plotting a murder, and for miscellaneous drug infractions.  Then vocalist Brian Johnson was told by his doctors to stop playing live shows immediately or risk permanent hearing loss;  Axl Rose has been playing the part of Johnson at recent gigs.

Williams’ departure had been hinted at for some time, but his recent video message to fans puts paid to rumors that he might actually keep on keeping on:

Angus Young is now the sole remaining original member of AC/DC.  It remains to be seen how much longer he will carry on the band’s tradition — although, if anyone could do it, it would be him.

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