Colouring books for adults seem to be all the rage these days. Either the latest trend will be a distant memory, or maybe colouring between the lines for adults will be here to stay.

Two new coloring books based on the lives of Motorhead rocker Lemmy Kilmister and David Bowie are now available online. Motorhead: Colour the Ace of Spades features drawings from fans and personal stories from Kilmister’s life and work.

The publishers of David Bowie: Color the Starman, are calling this “the most anticipated of the series,” since “hundreds of Bowie fans have begged for inclusion in the volume.”

7807354cf6540d126beaab2155bd9d5fStarman offers a uniquely creative way to remember the starman and his incredible life on earth – essential reading for fans of every generation,” Feral House notes in the Amazon listing.

Both books are available now for $15.95 U.S.

Bowie and Kilmister died within days of one another. Kilmister suddenly passed away in late December at age 70, after battling prostate cancer. Bowie, 69, died on Jan. 11, after battling cancer.


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