When we all come back from Canada Day festivities, we may come back to a postal service which is conspicuous by its absence:  a strike or a lockout is possible at Canada Post, and that is raising concerns at Victoria City Hall regarding property tax payments.  In fact, they’re concerned enough over there to have tweeted this out recently:City Of Victoria Tweet

Property taxes for most areas of British Columbia are payable by early July; homeowners who miss the deadline are subject to penalties, and that’s why the City Of Victoria is saying that any mailed-in payments should be in the box no later than tomorrow — otherwise they might not arrive in time.

Canada Post and the Canadian Union Of Postal Workers have been negotiating their contract since late last year;  a legal strike or a lockout could materialize as of Saturday July 02.  The City Of Victoria website now carries a warning that “Any payment posted after this date [June 23] may not be received in time and would therefore be subject to a 10 per cent penalty.”

Property tax payments can also be made in person or online at banking institutions, and in person at City Hall.

Love, Dr. Scott James
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