Biketoria Concept [City Of Victoria]

This fall, we’ll see Victoria’s first implementation of protected bike lanes, as the Biketoria project attempts to make the prospect of two-wheeling in and around the city more attractive, thereby increasing the use of people-powered transportation.

Biketoria Phase 01 [City Of Victoria]

Biketoria will include a physically protected bike lane which allows for two way traffic, with new traffic signals for bikes on Pandora Avenue, with a combination of on-street parking spaces, bollards, paint and planters being used to keep bike and vehicle traffic well separated.  The system will complement the Johnson Street bike lanes which were created a couple of months ago.

Biketoria Overview [City Of Victoria]

The 500 block of Pandora near Wharf will get the treatment first; construction will then move east towards City Hall, and then will end at Cook Street.  Noticeable work along Pandora Avenue during the project will include some tree removals and tree replantings, temporary bus stop relocations, and reduced travel lanes along the corridor depending on the work taking place.  There will also be significant concrete work including new curbs, sidewalk medians and traffic islands construction.

Biketoria Phases [City Of Victoria]

The City says Biketoria should be completed by spring 2017.  Construction which would affect the frontage of retail businesses will be put on hold during the holiday season.

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