Look what we found in The Q!’s musical archives in the basement here at the Rock Research Centre.

Remember those story records? You’d sit by your kiddie record player bought from Woolco, lying on your back on deep shag carpet, listening to the stories unfold. Maybe it was Disney’s Peter & The Wolf or Bambi, or a Six Million Dollar Man adventure. If it was a storybook with a record, you were prompted to “turn the page!” at the sound of Tinkerbell. Consider it an Audiobook before even books-on-tape existed.

Good quality kids movies in the ’70s were few and far between. Other than a Dean Jones Disney flick (Herbie The Love Bug, Shaggy DA, etc.) there were The Bad News Bears and Escape to Witch Mountain. Not until 1977, when Star Wars stormed onto the scene, did seventies kids films pack much of a punch.

Then there was Benji. The first Benji movie was in 1974. It played at matinees for years after Benji’s initial release in 1974. It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that nearly every ’70s kids has seen this unexceptional film.






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