The Bachman Estate

If Steve Miller‘s palatial digs in Friday Harbor are a little out of your reach at $US16.8 million, but you’d still like to reside in a place formerly owned by a rock icon, perhaps Randy Bachman‘s joint in Lynden — at about a quarter of the price — is more to your liking.

Back in 1975, Bachman’s construction crew was takin’ care of business every day, in every way.  Additionally, they were takin’ care of business and workin’ overtime.  And when it was all done, Randy Bachman was able to say, “It’s all mine.”  Now, if you have $US4.375 million to spare, you can say it’s all yours.

The gated 14,796 square foot home at 776 H Street sits on 29.55 acres and has eight bedrooms and eleven bathrooms.  Bachman initially used it as a weekend retreat, but eventually it became his family’s primary residence.  Equipped (of course) with a recording studio, it was also a popular place for musicians to hang out — rumor has it that Frank Sinatra, The Beach Boys, members of The Beatles and Sammy Hagar all stayed there at one time or another.

The house features large spaces with wood panel ceilings, stone fireplaces and a modern farm kitchen.  The massive rocks used in the wall-sized fireplace were carried one at a time from a nearby river.  There’s also an eight car garage, a bowling alley, a basketball court, a large swimming pool and a small lake.  Get the rest of the details over here.

Love, Dr. Scott James
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