Axl Rose already has people buzzing about a revamp of high intensity alleged apostrophe misplacers and certified suppliers of full tilt rock and roll Guns N’ Roses, but word out of Georgia is that there might be another cross-platform melding of flame-throwin’ talent in the works.

AC/DC pulled the plug on their tour this month and said they’d probably be looking for a guest vocalist, after Brian Johnson was told by doctors that he’d go completely deaf if he didn’t stop touring, tout de suite.  Now, a radio airstaffer in Atlanta, which is where the AC/DC tour was interrupted, says he had spotted Axl in the city, and that he’d been rehearsing with the band.

Said WNNX jockling Jason Bailey into a live mic, “It’s all but a done deal that Axl will front AC/DC for the ten remaining shows” in the United States.  Spokesthings for Rose and AC/DC were unavailable for confirmation or rumor-scotching earlier today.

Guns N’ Roses will reunite next month for the first time since 1993 with a lineup including Slash, who has had frequent spats with Rose, as they rock out at California’s Coachella festival, and at several other gigs.


Update 13:40

Malcolm Young‘s son and Angus Young‘s nephew Ross was on FaceBorg last night posting about the rumors, and when someone cautioned him that he was “opening up a can of worms” by linking to a story about the situation, he said, “It’s true”.

A fan chimed in to excoriate Angus for his rumored decision to bring Axl into the band, saying it would hurt the band’s legacy — at which point Ross said the decision had already been made.  “He can and he will,” he said in a comment which he later deleted.

Meanwhile, Cliff Williams‘ daughter Erin Lucas didn’t seem convinced.  An Instagram user was voicing skepticism about Rose being the vocalist on the rest of the tour, because “ten shows” was the reported number, despite the fact that the tour has 22 dates to go — including some European gigs on which Rose is supposedly not performing.  She also expressed hope that Brian Johnson would reappear, to which Lucas replied, “Smart cookie.”

Over the weekend, Guns N’ Roses gossip factory MSL said on GNRTruth that Rose had been in Atlanta for “rehearsals”, and indicated “Didn’t say GNR” when queried about whose rehearsals those were.  That led to speculation among fans that Axl would indeed appear with AC/DC, but MSL followed up yesterday with “Not denying it now.  Nor am I confirming.  I said what I said.  I said what I could.  What I said was true.  I can’t stop people from speculating, but I can defend myself when somebody claims my accurate information was somehow inaccurate.  One side may want something.  The other side may be flattered.  Doesn’t mean anything is going to happen.”

Alrighty then.

Update Monday March 28 15:45

Apparently TMZers with magic soul-capturing boxes were camped out across the street from the Atlanta rehearsal studio recently.


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