Alice Cooper has weighed in regarding Axl Rose taking over as lead singer for AC/DC on the remainder of their tour:  he’s diggin’ it.  “I just think that’s such a unique combination,” he said to Rolling Stone hacks.  “Whoever has tickets to that show has got the golden ticket, because who doesn’t want to see that?”

The Sheik Of Shock will launch his own tour this summer with his group Hollywood Vampires.  Former Vampires touring bassist Duff McKagan, who is now back with Guns N’ Roses, was most likely the source of Cooper’s early information regarding the Rose-AC/DC hookup — about which he was initially skeptical.  “At first I thought it was an April Fool’s thing,” Cooper says.  “I went, ‘Oh, come on.’  Then I started thinking about it and said, ‘You know, his voice is absolutely perfect for that band. That might just work.'”

Hollywood Vampires, who also list Johnny Depp, Joe Perry and Use Your Illusion era GN’R drummer Matt Sorum on their roster, and rarely hang upside down in caves, will undertake eighteen shows this summer during which Stone Temple PilotsRobert DeLeo will replace McKagan on bass.  “We’re going to miss Duff, but I think [Robert] and Matt will get along great musically,” Perry says. “I think it will be a really good matchup.”

Love, Dr. Scott James
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