Robin Williams' family is auctioning off 87 of his bicycles to raise money for nonprofits.

Robin Williams was an avid cyclist and advocate for people with disabilities. More than two years after his death, 87 bicycles in Robin Williams’ collection are up for auction and proceeds will help fund two charities he cared about deeply.

The bikes were donated by Williams’s children, Zak, Zelda and Cody. Proceeds from the auction go to The Challenged Athletes Foundation (supporting athletes with disabilities) and the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation, funding research and support for people with spinal cord injuries.

Robin Williams's "Runt" mini bike is up for auction.
Robin Williams’s “Runt” mini bike is up for auction.

The collection is on and includes a number of luxury racing bikes and some quirky models like a Z Turbo electric scooter, a “Runt” mini bike, and a Schwinn unicycle.

“Though bright, skin-tight spandex still remains one of the more embarrassing outfits to regularly witness your Dad wearing growing up, the sport of biking and the people Dad helped through his love of it will always hold a special place in the hearts of our family,” the Williams family said in a statement.

The family added to would-be buyers: “And though not required, may we suggest wearing the loudest, most vibrant and brightly-patterned, skintight biking gear possible when riding them? Keep the tradition alive.”

The ongoing auction closes Tuesday, October 25th at 10am PST.



  1. 87 Bikes????!!!!


    I really do admire Robin’s athleticism and enthusiasm for biking and for ALL of the worldwide causes that he loved to support and encourage!!

    On Monday August 11th, 2014; this earth certainly did lose a most wonderful and talented star indeed!!

    I have 2 fave movies of Robin’s that I love to watch whenever I can!!…

    #1) One Hour Photo!!
    (Love ALL of the acting and the music soundtrack also in this movie)!!



    #2) MRS. DOUBTFIRE!!
    (Can NOT say enough about Robin’s acting in this movie, as he did actually make MRS. DOUBTFIRE come ALIVE indeed)!!

    He was a star here on this earth and I am certain that he is a star up in the heavens also!!



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