Mendon Massachusetts.  Population:  Not much.  The town is so small … (how small is it?) … it’s so small, the local gangster is owned by a syndicate of singers.

November 06 1970 is a date many of the current and former residents might recall, because that was the day Aerosmith played their very first gig, in the gymnasium at Miscoe Hill School in Mendon.

The newly-assembled band got the gig thanks to Joe Perry‘s mom.  She worked at a school nearby, was friends with someone at Miscoe Hill — known at that time as Nipmuc Regional High School — and helped put the show together, for which admission was a dollar.

That early incarnation of Aerosmith included guitarist Ray Tabano, who would exit stage left a year later and be replaced by Brad WhitfordRoy Spindel, who was at the historic show, was impressed.  “I remember being blown away by their sound,” he says.  “When they were playing, it seemed obvious they were going to go someplace.  All I could think of was, ‘This is what it must feel like when The Rolling Stones play.’  They sounded like they had been together forever.”

Even back then, the boys were cultivating their in-your-face attitudes.  Steven Tyler stole a shirt from a school locker and wore it onstage, and people familiar with the matter suggest that they might have sneaked some alcohol into the show.  Oh, dear.

The band have done fairly well since then.  Their total album sales exceed 150 million, and Steven Tyler is about $US130 million in the black.

Love, Dr. Scott James

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