We’ve left a three-song slot open for Ryan Awram every weekday at 5:00 pm. What, o what shall we fill it with?

How about your favourite song?

Call Ryan at 250-475-100.3 or e-mail mysong@TheQ.fm to tell him your faaaaaavourite song of all time. Each weekday starting at 5:00 pm, he’ll play a set of three songs from different listeners. Maybe one’ll be yours!


  1. My favourite song is “Comfortably Numb” by Pink Floyd. I was 15 when The Wall came out and this song is melancholy, like me, lol. Well, not purely, but from time to time just like any of us, I guess. Anyway, it is a beautiful melody with some seriously profound lyrics. My favourite song by my favourite band. Thanks Q (pun intended).

  2. Hey Ryan. One of my all time favorites from ZZ Top has to be Beer drinkers and Hell raisers. Good hard hittin Texas Rock and Roll! Lets get the weekend started with that one!

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