Its that time of year. The magical time when budgets are reviewed, and set, and when there is extra left over at the end of the quarter… well, that’s when the accountant says “Use it or lose it!”

So that’s exactly what we are doing! Its The Q’s $2,387.64 Budget Blowout!

This year, we have exactly $2,387.64 left in the account. Enough to buy… well, hopefully you have some better ideas then we came up with in Q headquarters!

Listen for the Q-2-Call ALL DAY LONG on 100.3 The Q!  from 6AM – 6PM starting Monday October 17 until Friday October 28. When you hear the “Cha-Ching” be the 25th caller to qualify for the Grand Prize of $2,387.64 CASH! (Or cheque, our accountant hasn’t decided yet.)


  1. I will be listening !! U guys ROCK!!!:) Can hire guys to help buck and split wood for the winter, and stay dry and warm:)

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