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100.3 The Q! (CKKQ-FM)
Top Floor, 2750 Quadra Street (map)
Victoria, BC, Canada, Earth · V8T 4E8
Open Monday–Friday 8:30 am–5:00 pm

Reception phone 250-475-0100
Reception Fax 250-475-3299
Q Control/Rockline phone 250-475-1003
Q Control/Rockline e-mail Request online
Q Control/Rockline toll-free 1-800-717-1003
Q Control/Rockline from your mobile phone *1003
Newsroom phone 250-475-2800
Sooke Repeater (through the air) 94.7 FM

Getting specific: who handles what?

Advertising inquiries – Mike Jean Programming/On-Air – Mark Addams
Music – Scott James Promotion/Sponsorship – Amelia Breckenridge
News/Media Releases – Kirk Mason Sports – Cliff LeQuesne
Concert listings – Shayne Kaye Accounts Payable – Darren Szpak
Accounts Receivable – Tess Yee Website stuff – webmeister Bud

Q! administrative staff

Russell Boorman · e-mail
Rob Bye · e-mail
General Manager
Chelsea Coulter · e-mail
Creative Consultant
Kimberley Goodman · e-mail
Traffic Manager
Sheldon Hovde · e-mail
Creative Director
Caleb Kirby · e-mail
Creative Writer
Chris Loran · e-mail
The Q!’s Roadie / Community Events & Promotion Coordinator
Ross McIntyre · e-mail
Imaging Director / Signature Voice
Zach Parkscott · e-mail
Creative Consultant
John Shields · e-mail
Senior Program Manager
Darren Szpak · e-mail
Traffic/Accounts Payable
Tess Yee · e-mail
Reception/Accounts Receivable

Sales & marketing department

Mike Jean · e-mail
Retail Sales Manager
Sara Fletcher · e-mail
Sales Marketing Coordinator
Dave Cutler · e-mail
Marketing Consultant
Jeff Eggen · e-mail
Marketing Consultant
Scott Emerson · e-mail
Marketing Consultant
Doug Marin · e-mail
Marketing Consultant
Jay McNeil · e-mail
Marketing Consultant
Elvina Morgan · e-mail
Marketing Consultant
Reinert Peterson · e-mail · Twitter
Marketing Consultant
John Procopio · e-mail
Marketing Consultant