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Dine Around & Stay In Town is from February 19 – March 6 in Victoria!

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The remaining Eagles members will do the only proper thing and honor their late bandmate Glenn Frey with a performance during Monday night’s Grammy Awards, according to organizers.  They’ll team up with Jackson Browne, who co-wrote Take It Easy, for the tribute.

Recording Academy president Neil Portnow, in announcing the appearance, said that Frey’s death was “a huge loss for the entire creative community.  For more than 45 years, (the) Eagles have played a significant role in shaping our musical landscape,”  he said in a statement.


Eagles’ 1975 greatest hits collection is the second best selling album in United States history after Michael Jackson‘s Thriller.  Glenn Frey died January 18 at 67 from a combination of illnesses including pneumonia.  He was one of several major artists, including David Bowie, who passed away within a fairly short time.

The Grammy Awards will also include tributes to Bowie and B.B. King.

Love, Dr. Scott James
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The B.C. Ministry of Transportation has a plan for the rabbits living on the patch of grass running along the Helmcken interchange: relocation to the U.S.

I’ve been watching these rabbits on the median from my seat on a double-decker BC Transit for the past couple of years. The expression about multiplying like rabbits is true. The #50 bus from Langford to Victoria stops at the traffic light, and what was perhaps a dozen or so rabbits a couple of years ago, has multiplied to at least 80 by the government’s estimate.

Occasionally you’ll see motorists stopped and feeding these rabbits. I don’t doubt the good intentions of people not wanting to see these rabbits in distress. But you knew it was only a matter of time before the Provincial government would address this situation.

In a press release posted on the Ministry website on Friday February 12th includes these details:

The feral rabbits that have been inhabiting the Helmcken interchange area will soon have a safe home thanks to the efforts of local volunteers, as well as ministry staff.

The volunteer group approached the ministry in the Fall, offering the necessary funds to spay, neuter and relocate the rabbits. Since then, the ministry has been working closely with the group to organize the relocation. A plan is now in place to move the population of approximately 80 rabbits to a private sanctuary in the United States.

In the coming weeks, a professional trapper will begin to capture the rabbits. Once trapped, the rabbits will be spayed/neutered by local veterinarians, and subsequently relocated. For safety reasons and to ensure the success of the trapping efforts, the ministry is reminding drivers not to stop to try to feed, pet or catch the rabbits.

Rabbits at this location need to be removed because they create a distraction for drivers and a potential hazard for all road users, and their burrows undermine the sidewalk and affect our ability to maintain the median.

We want to hear what you think. Is this another UVic bunny problem where rabbits will be relocated and end up someone else’s problem? Should the rabbits be left where they are? Or do you have another idea how to deal with feral rabbits? Share a comment below.


Roadies premieres on Sunday June 26th on SHOWTIME.

The first trailer for Cameron Crowe’s upcoming music series Roadies has been released.

Crowe will write, direct and executive produce the ten episode series. Roadies is a backstage look at a tight-knit group of rock band “roadies”, the crew that sets-up equipment for concerts.

Luke Wilson stars as Bill, the tour manager; Carla Gugino plays Shelli, the band’s production manager; and Imogen Poots is the electrical tech.

“I love music and stories where music is a character,” Crowe told reporters in January at the Television Critics Association’s winter press tour. “Over time I was struck by the fact that Almost Famous spoke loudly to people. It was a very personal story for me and I didn’t expect it to touch people that way. I wanted to revisit the world of writing about music but in a different and contemporary way … [telling] authentic stories about people behind the curtain presenting music to people every day.”

Roadies premieres on Sunday June 26th on SHOWTIME.

Note: 0:34 you’d swear that was Pacific Coliseum in Vancouver. Probably very likely seeing how much television is filmed in the Vancouver area. Who knows if Cameron Crowe was last at the Coliseum back in the day, tagging along with a band like Led Zeppelin when he was a reporter for Rolling Stone magazine. 



It’s been 30+ years since Duck Hunt was released for the Nintendo Entertainment System. It was one of the games that came with the console, the other was Super Mario Bros. The NES Action Set, retailed for US$149.99 in 1988.

A new fan project brings the light gun shooter game into the modern era.

Joseph Delgado is studying computer science at the New Jersey Institute of Technology. He attended last month’s Global Game Jam and was inspired to build a virtual reality version of Duck Hunt. The 21 year-old built the game in a day and released a gameplay video to his YouTube channel this week. Watch his demo below.

Good news if you want to try the updated Duck Hunt. Delgado plans to release Duck Hunt VR for free.

Read more about the updated game from C/NET

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These always make me laugh. Bad lip reading 2016 version.

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